Food and Beverage Internships

Service Internship Program:
Vicmead Hunt Club offers an excellent Internship Program.  This program gives interns a specific job in a particular department.  It also provides separate goals and objectives in other areas of the Club in an effort to offer complete cross-training in all aspects of the club industry.  

Students begin the program with a thorough orientation to familiarize them with the property, its facilities, services and policies.  At this time, students are introduced to all department managers and begin the process of on-the-job orientation and training.  Throughout the program, students will be assigned a specific job position with associated responsibilities.  An Intern will explore other areas of the club with heavy emphasis in culinary and catering.   Each Intern will also finish their season with complete planning and execution of one of the Clubs major events. Specific internships available include the following:
  • Intern Supervisor
  • Service Intern
  • Beverage Intern
Intern Supervisor
This internship provides a distinct opportunity for a Junior or Senior to be involved at our Vicmead food service operations.  He/she will be responsible for all food and beverage service at the pool facility including la carte dining, window operations, upscale cookouts, suppers and special events.  The responsibilities include staff management, supply requisition and working closely with the Assistant Clubhouse Manager to establish quality service for Vicmead families.  Additional areas of responsibility include human resource management.

This individual should have experience in food and beverage operations from a front-line level and be able to take direction and follow-through efficiently and effectively with assigned tasks.  This individual will be exposed to all facets of management from scheduling, point-of-sale management, expediting, to bar inventory and controls.  This position requires an individual to multi-task, execute instruction and make decisions on a daily basis. Human resource management is an integral component of this position.
Service Intern
This internship provides a first-hand  la carte experience in many different forms of service. The individual will gain full experience with casual, formal, catered events both served and buffet.  The Club is casual to formal in a relaxed and family environment.  Candidates must be a strong communicator and enjoy diverse responsibilities.

These individuals should be enthusiastic about learning and increasing their skill in various food and beverage positions, as the summer progresses.  This internship can set the foundation to return as the Intern Supervisor the following season.
Beverage Intern
Beverages are a major component in the food and beverage industry.  The internship provides all the skills needed to have a strong foundation for the industry.  The individual will learn bartending, formal service, ordering, receiving, training, product development including assisting with any additional programs and billing. The individual should be enthusiastic about learning and increasing their skill and knowledge in other aspects of the club industry.
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